Birthday Parties


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Why Not Start The Birthday Party Before You Get There?

It doesn't matter how old you are, everybody loves a Limo and what a perfect way to turn a birthday into a Celebration In A Coventry Limo Hire Limo!!!

Kids Love Limos.

  • So why not book a limo for their party, they will not only love it, look how cool they will feel, cruising around town with their friends.

Parent's Love Limos Too

  • And it's a win win, you don't have to drive anywhere and be on your best behaviour and best driving skills. So you get to go out too and enjoy yourself. Your parent's will adore this idea, they will feel extra special for a day.

Surprise Birthday Party

  • Start the party with a Limo ride and take them to a surprise event, maybe save this one for a special birthday, but what a great idea!!

The Famous 21st Birthday

  • Hire a Limo and everybody can enjoy a night out, dancing, eating and drinking without the worry of driving and travelling in luxury.

Boys Birthday, What Do You Do?

  • Hire a limo, we will pick the young guests up with the star of the show in the Limo and take them to their party and take them back to their homes. They will love it, especially your little man!!!

Girls Birthday Party, How Do You Improve On Last Year For Your Princess?

  • Well a pink Limo would probably do it, with it decorated with matching balloons, streamers, pink drinks, pink food. They would feel like film stars, just cruise them around and drop them off at the cinema, restaurant. There would be more selfies than at an Oscar night!!

Your Wife's Birthday

  • Surprise her with a limo to take the family out for the birthday meal, everybody can enjoy the evening, no designated driver questions, just a fun night. She will love the thought...

Your Husband's Birthday

  • As the everyday chauffeur, he would love the idea of a Limo to take him out. Stock the bar with his favourite drinks. Cruise around, go to a football, rugby, darts event, it doesn't matter the Limo will turn it into a special event.

We would love to be part of your birthday celebrations. A Hummer is a great Limo for birthday events and not as expensive as you would imagine. Try us, give us a call on 024 76100457 or fill the form in.

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